Welcome to the website of the Boone County Regional Sewer District. We are Boone County’s wastewater collection and treatment utility serving unincorporated Boone County.

Annual Water Usage Review Completed

The BCRSD completed the annual water usage review in May.  If any changes to your volume charge were to occur, they should have been reflected on your June bill.  The following fees are included in your sewer service billing:

  • The monthly Base Service Fee of $19.65 covers the administrative cost of making sewer service available to the property, and includes the cost of debt service and other fixed costs. This fee stays with the property at all times and is not discontinued unless the private sewer line is disconnected from the main sewer system.
  • The volume charge is $5.75 per 1,000 gallons water used, and covers the cost of treating wastewater to make it safe to return to the environment. The BCRSD applies this fee based on an average water usage for your household, determined by the water readings reported by your water provider. During our annual update, the BCRSD uses either your twelve month average, or uses your January, February and March water readings to determine your average water usage.
  • A Pressure System Surcharge may be applied if your property has a pressurized system (septic tank, grinder pump or SDVG). This fee will vary depending on the type of system you have and whether or not the BCRSD maintains it for you. Fees in this category can range from $8.70 to $19.95 monthly.

If you feel the usage on your bill is not accurate, the BCRSD is happy to look at your account and water usage with you to make sure we are billing correctly.

Workforce News

Please join us in congratulating our staff on their milestone anniversaries!

  • Virgil Farnen has been with BCRSD since November 1989, starting as a Laborer/Operator. He will celebrate his 25th excellent year with us as the Operations Supervisor.
  • Roy Freeman began working with BCRSD in April 1994 as a Laborer/Equipment Operator. Now our Senior Equipment Operator, he has contributed 20 years of hard work and dedication.
  • Tom Ratermann officially joined the BCRSD staff in April 2004 as General Manager. He has given us 10 great years of leading the charge!

Many thanks to these gentleman for their outstanding attitude, expertise, and commitment over the years!  Congratulations!

Capital Improvements Update

The Capital Improvements Program continues and is making progress.

  • The Rocky Fork Water Reclamation Facility and collection system construction continues. This project will connect Clearview, Bon Gor, Phenora South, Wagon Trail, County Downes and Powell subdivisions to the new facility. Project completion is expected in spring 2015.

  • The lines and pump stations for the Highway HH Corridor Project have been installed and are up and running. The facilities for Lake Capri, Hillview Acres, Sun Valley Estates, Sharidan Hills and Fall Creek subdivisions are undergoing closure as wastewater for these subdivisions is routed through the HH Corridor to the City of Columbia treatment facility. Users in this area will remain BCRSD customers, and the BCRSD will pay the City of Columbia for treatment of wastewater.

  • The BCRSD plans to fund the following Capital Improvements future projects before the close of 2014:
    • Spring Park Interceptor
    • Sunrise Estates NE & NW Lagoon Interceptor
    • El Rey Heights
    • Westwood Meadows

How to Watch Your Water Usage

The amount of water you use impacts your sewer bill.  Here are some things to consider that may help keep your bill lower:

  • Water leaks, large or small, can account for excessive and unexpected water usage. Whether a water pipe has burst or your faucet drips non-stop, it can result in a higher water usage that could eventually be reflected on your sewer bill.
  • Laundry can pile up, but washing small loads at a time may not conserve water. Maximizing your use of your washing machine loads will alleviate some excess usage.
  • Washing dishes – If you use a dishwasher, use a sink full of water to rinse your dishes, rather than letting the water run over each plate and utensil.
  • Long hot showers are great! But shorter showers save water.
  • Kid’s play in the summer time is important, and those rascals love to play in the water sprinkler. Try wading pools or water play tables as an alternative to letting the hose run.
Line Maintenance Schedule

The following neighborhoods are scheduled for line maintenance in the summer and fall:  County Downes; El Rey; Bon Gor; Valley Creek; Woods Mill; Water’s Edge; Sun Valley; Hillview Acres; Lake Capri; Phenora; Powell; Sharidan Hills; Clearview; Gateway South; Newtown; Old Plank Meadows; and Maple Meadows.

Learn more about line maintenance >

Septic Tank Pumping Schedule

Customers on rate B, rate D and rate E pay for septic tank cleaning every five years.

Learn more about Septic Tank Effluent Pump (STEP) systems and see the septic tank pumping schedule >

Does your homeowners insurance cover sewer back-ups?

Not all homeowner policies include coverage of sewer back-ups. Coverage can be added for a minimal charge. Check your policy. Talk to your insurance agent. Make sure your home is covered.