Welcome to the website of the Boone County Regional Sewer District. We are Boone County’s wastewater collection and treatment utility serving unincorporated Boone County.

2014 Rate Changes

The 2014 rate changes were accepted at the November 2013 Board meeting as a part of the approved budget for next year.  As prescribed by the Master Plan User Rate Study and due to an increase in debt service costs, there will be a 5% increase in user fees effective January 1, 2014.  The current base service fee of $18.45 will then be $19.65, and the water usage fee of $5.45 (per 1,000 gallons water per month) will be $5.70.  Based on an average billing for 5,000 gallons in water usage per month, this is a monthly increase of $2.45 for customers.

The District’s Board and Administration are highly sensitive to concerns about the cost of sanitary sewer service.  We strive to keep our rates as low as possible to alleviate financial burden for the customers we serve.   Should you have any questions about your sewer bill, please feel free to contact our office.

Workforce News

We have the great pleasure of introducing Spence Nichols and Jason Horton, our two newest staff members!  Spence is our Equipment Operator I who joined us in March 2013 and has since obtained his Class A CDL.  On the job, he enjoys being able to work outside and looks forward to continually increasing his knowledge of District operations.  In his spare time, he enjoys fine-tuning his guitar playing skills and spending quality time with his wife, Melissa.

Jason accepted a position as a Wastewater and Equipment Operator in May of this year.  He is now certified in a Class C Wastewater License and a Class B CDL.  His hobbies include sports, playing with ATVs, and spending time outdoors with his two children, Chase and Keethan, and his wife, Melissa.  His favorite part of the job is working with professionals who are willing to help and answer questions.  His career goals include advancing within the District and retiring as a BCRSD employee.

Please join us in welcoming these two outstanding additions to our team!

Capital Improvements Update

The capital improvements program continues to make progress.

  • Construction continues on the Rocky Fork Water Reclamation Facility and the collection system that will connect Clearview, Bon Gor, Phenora South, Wagon Trail, County Downes and Powell subdivisions to the new plant. The facilities in these neighborhoods will be eliminated.
  • The collection lines are installed for the Highway HH Corridor Project.  The contractor is ready to begin work on the pump stations that will be a part of this project. Lagoons and treatment facilities serving Lake Capri, Hillview Acres, Sun Valley Estates, Sharidan Hills and Fall Creek subdivisions will be eliminated. The users in this area will remain BCRSD customers and the BCRSD will pay the City of Columbia to treat the wastewater.
  • We expect both the Rocky Fork and the HH projects will be completed by September of 2014.
Tips for Healthy Sewer Habits

Did you know there are efforts you can make to promote a healthy sewer line? Here are some tips that will help keep your lines clear and the treated wastewater safer for the environment:

  • Avoid dumping grease or cooking oil down the drain, which can block sewer lines.
  • Remember to discard solid food items in the trash or compost – avoid using the garbage disposal for food wastes.
  • Do not flush feminine products, baby wipes, paper towels, dental floss, hair or other solids down the toilet (even if they are biodegradable).
  • Never flush pharmaceuticals or drug paraphernalia down the toilet or drain.

Following these tips will help to prevent sewer backups in your neighborhood, and help us to keep our treatment facilities running smoothly! 

Line Maintenance Schedule

The following neighborhoods are scheduled for line maintenance in the winter and spring:  Cedar Brook; Cedar Gate; County Downes; El Rey; Bon Gor; Gaslight Acres; Lakewood Estates; Gregory Heights; Fairway Meadows; Valley Creek; Woods Mill; Water’s Edge; Sugartree; Meadow Lake; Sun Valley; Hillview Acres; Lake Capri; Phenora; Powell; Sharidan Hills; Sunnyslope; Wagon Trail Heights; Clearview; Gateway South; Newtown; Old Plank Meadows; and Maple Meadows.

Learn more about line maintenance >

Septic Tank Pumping Schedule

Customers on rate B, rate D and rate E pay for septic tank cleaning every five years.

Learn more about Septic Tank Effluent Pump (STEP) systems and see the septic tank pumping schedule >

Does your homeowners insurance cover sewer back-ups?

Not all homeowner policies include coverage of sewer back-ups. Coverage can be added for a minimal charge. Check your policy. Talk to your insurance agent. Make sure your home is covered.