Operations Manager

Dwayne heads up the operations side of the District. He supervises the operations supervisor, three wastewater operators and two equipment operators. Dwayne can either be found in the office monitoring all the statistics that are kept on the treatment facilities and submitting the proper reports to the MO Department of Natural Resources or out in the field inspecting facilities or helping an operator troubleshoot a problem area. Dwayne is the one you want to talk to if you are having trouble with your service.

Dwayne is a Navy veteran. He completed courses from Crowder Wastewater School. He has thirty years of experience in the wastewater field and holds a Class "A" Certification in Wastewater, a Class “A” Certification in Wastewater Collection Systems, a Class “C” Certification in Drinking Water and a Distribution III Certification in Drinking Water.

Dwayne has been with the District since 1986. During his tenure the District has grown from a staff of two serving a few hundred connections to a staff of eleven serving more than 6,000 connections.

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