Water Usage Adjustments

If you experience a leak or other event that drastically affects your water usage in the winter months call the office. We will substitute a different month's usage for the one that was inflated. Or if, throughout the year, you experience a dramatic change in your water usage due to changes such as fewer occupants in your household or new plumbing fixtures, give us a call, and we will adjust your average usage. Again we will want to use a three-month average, so if you experience a change in your water bill, give us a call after three months of reduced or increased water billings so we can get an accurate average.

Water Usage Average for New Customers

If you are a new customer, your volume charge is based on 5,000 gallons of water per month. The 5,000 gallons is a county-wide average applied to new billings since we do not have a history of water usage for a new customer in a new home. We are happy to obtain actual usages for our new customers. After you receive three full months of water bills, simply call our office and ask us to review your water usage. We will call your water provider and get your water usage data, average the three months usage and use that average until the next water usage update the following spring. If your actual water usage average is less than 5,000 gallons per month, we will adjust your bill and apply up to six months credit equal to the difference between the new customer charge and your adjusted actual water usage rate.

New Customer's First Bill

Rather than charge a deposit, the Sewer District bills one month in advance. This first bill covers service from your connect date up to and including one month beyond your billing date. In other words, you are being billed for a partial month plus at least one full month of service. (Please note "# Days" on the billing statement.) Your next bill will cover one month only.

Vacant Properties

If a property is vacant and the water usage is minimal, we do not add a volume charge to the billing. Please call the office if we are charging you for water usage on a vacant rental unit or home.

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